DirectRegulation :

Owner Public
URN urn:agi-DirectRegulation:inout-urn:agi-llid:54567:out-urn:agi-llid:4851::positive:direct interaction
Entities DLL4 --+> NOTCH1
References 3
Connectivity 2
Effect positive
Mechanism direct interaction

Sentence Results suggest that the interaction of Dll4 with Notch1 may provide key signals for T-cell development.
Source Curated
MedLine Reference 11739188:5

Sentence Delta4 induces both Notch1 and Notch2 activity and is a ligand for both of them.
Source Curated
MedLine Reference 15569487:18

Sentence Among various Notch proteins and ligands, we were especially interested in the study of the Dll4 , Notch1, and Notch4 genes because of the potential im-portance of Dll4 in angiogenesis and the ability of Dll4 to activate Notch1 and Notch4, which are critical for angiogenesis.
Source Curated
MedLine Reference 12482957:1116